Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Since I am in need of a new car I was looking everywhere for a stylish vehicle. A vehicle which is going to fulfill all my girlish dreams of form, capacity and of course usefulness. Being a mother I also need to consider things like for example: Is it easy to fix a baby car seat? Is there enough space for a stroller?
Here I found an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. How romantic – Romeo and Juliet. 
I was driving the Giulietta one week. Great feeling waiting on the red light knowing that once in turns green I would be the one leaving the others behind. Further it looked great on me. The color, the interior style, all these little lights and the rims – I really liked it but ... a pity there always is a "but".
The circumferential visibility is not made for women...definitely not. It does not give you the impression that you have the street under control. The backseat is little narrow and consumption of fuel is quite high. The best thing about it though it suits my perfect outfit well. I adore this Victoria Beckham dress teamed with this wonderful Marc Jacobs bag and the Roeckl gloves. On my feet Gucci slippers while I am driving...Fendi pumps when I get out of the car. For my key I just can not make a decision...either the Mulberry banana or Karl´s cat??? However...a stunning appearance...but I think I still have not found the perfect car yet. Stay tuned!

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