Freitag, 30. September 2011

COS Online Store opens his doors..

and I think I wanted this pink's amazing!
You feel like "Little Red Riding Hood"
but without the bad wolf :-)

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Milan Fashion Week SS2012 - Streetstyles

Walking through Milan during Fashion Week every now and then you 
see a bunch of amazingly styled people looking all busy with their
Iphones and cameras. They are eager to either photograph or be photographed.
While waiting for the shows to start they are ready to pose for almost
everyone who asks them kindly. We crashed into these fashion bunches, suddenly becoming part of the game. We haunted down the big fish like Anna dello Russo (looking stunning in Versace), Emmanuelle Alt (in an extremely leisure outfit), Bar Refaeli (wearing the same grey Armani dress as three other girls at the Armani show) and all the other fashion maniacs. Bloggers, models, photographers, journalists who would die for beeing on TV or in a magazine. Having talked to all of them here are some of the impressions we caught:
Masha, 24, Russian blogger:
"During Milan Fashion Week i'm always on the run.
I try to get some cool and crazy people in front of my camera.
When I rest to have a drink or eat I have a bad conscience because
I think I could miss out something really good. That's why I sometimes don't eat
or  drink the whole day. I simly forget.
Good thing is that there are people outside the shows giving you snack bags.
As soon as the Fashion Week is over I feel all this tension falling off of me."

Michael de Moore, journalist from Belgium:
"Rushing from one point to the other, the Grand Hotel in Via Manzoni is
the only place where I can rest, read a book and sit beside people like the
Dsquared twins, some well known models like Chanel or other famous people without it beeing a big thing. I really like to be around attractive and sophisticated women and during Fashion Week I often get the chance to enjoy their company."

We talked to Ivan Rodic, famous for his Blog "Facehunter" in front
of the Prada show, capturing faces for his blog and flirting with all the pretty women. "I like Milan during Fashion Week.
It's exciting and it's easy to find material which I can use.
Especially nightlife makes my day. I'll definitely go to the D&G
and Fendi party. And now sorry! I have to run, there's Anna dello Russo arriving...". 
  In fact we always enjoy the busy time 
In Italy's Fashion Metropolis. We party, we get inspired by all these great 
styles and we have such good coffee!!! But the best thing about it is definitely 
just caring about looks...picking cool outfits and accessories knowing that 
other appreciate your creativity as much as you appreciate theirs. Being a 
fashion maniac just feels so good these days...and therefore our work 
is our passion!!!! Live it or leave it!

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

New scarfs from B.Heart

Some words of Iracema Trevisan the designer about the new collection:

It's really colourful and happy, I played with the idea of having each corner 
a different colour so it looks different depending on how you wear it. 
The designs go between art deco and palm trees with some poodles. They want to cross 
the line and be kitsh but instead they are just fun and lighthearted.... 

Get it at

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Pharell Williams visiting the Land Of The Rising Sun for Palladium

Pharrell dives into a vibrant metropolis with countless contrasts, talks to "locals" 
and visits unique places offside tourist tracks. He descends into Tokyo’s impressive 
„Underground Palace“, the subterranean tunnel system which was built to reroute 
water in case of flooding. This system stands for this city´s enormous resisting power. 
Pharrell meets numerous artists who make „do it yourself“ projects and galleries 
to face the catastrophe´s consequences with creativity and love for life. 
The „Tokyo Rising“ - documentation reflects the spirit of the capitals creative scene 
which takes care of its homeland and the people.

„Tokyo´s residents were always an inspiration to me“ says Pharell Williams. 
„The way Japanese handle their everyday life and deal with inevitable facts is amazing. 
It was a pleasure to come to explore Tokyo and meetsome good old friends."

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Hermès A/W 2011 campaign by Nick Knight

Nick Knight made a wondeful film for Hermès Autumn / Winter.
It looks like painted  watercolours
and between some real sequences with 
Alana Zimmer and Isaac Carew.

Really nice work.

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Montag, 12. September 2011


Now we were able to give you the chance to sneak a peek
on EMPORIO ARMANI`s new testimonial Rihanna.
The campaign was shot  by Steven Klein in NYC, the concept 
was based on a classic film noir, giving it a contemporary twist - 
sexy, yet sophisticated.
Here are more pics. Let us know what ya think!

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

coats coats coats - make the outfit big

Yes girls, we all like summer but hey...dressing up in fall is so much 
better isn´t it? The fall/winter collections are somehow just a bit cooler and 
easier to style. So at least there is something we can look forward to 
eventhough summer is almost over. Especially coats are a perfect
style item. They can give your outfit an enormous upgrade.

Here are our favourites this winter...

Donna Karan

See by Chloé


Stella McCartney

Trendland - Paper Dolls

Trendland worked hard to bring these stylish paper dolls out.
The clothes Paloma and Ryder wear are the one you can get in their store.
Stay tuned for further characters and styling tips.

Get it at

Freitag, 9. September 2011

Rihanna for ARMANI JEANS

ARMANI JEANS has chosen the new face for the next
campaign. Rihanna is the one which replaced Megan Fox.
Which we like better??? To be honest: both girls look great
in those jeans but are kind of annoying when it comes to 
their performance and characters. Do we care about their
characters??? No, we do not!!! This is why we support
ARMANI´S choice so far concerning the girls but hey...
Who the hell went for Rafael Nadal? Not us!
Let´s see who is next guyswise.
This is the only pic of Rihanna so far...
but there is more to come soon.

Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

Chanel - Shade Parade

Shade Parade video for Chanels new Nail Polish Campaign.
Really nice.
Wait till the end to find out the names of the nail polishes.

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

monsters and friends - Patrick Henne´s art from outer space

Patrick Henne is a young, German artist who´s paintings are scary and
cute at the same time but always melancholic. 
This world definitely needs some fluffy, hairy monsters!!!