Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

We Love Desigual // Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

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We Love you! the new concept behind Desiguals Autumn/Fall Winter campaign.
Their biggest wish is to enrich peoples lives with the clothes they create and
they wanted the customer to fall in love with what they wear.
The love they give don't know any borders so it should be only real love.
All kinds of people with different styles can wear Desiguals Fashion pieces and we should
all share the battle cry: "la vida es chula", so our lifes are really cool and we 
express to all we do every day: Sex, Fun and Love.

Have a look at their wonderful video for Autumn/Winter campaign 2013.
We love you Desigual...

Thanks for your great, colorful winter styles, so we can looking forward 
to the first snowflakes and a wonderful winter wonderland.

Check out the great online store and grab your winter pieces.

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