Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Stella knows best!


We have seen a lot of great  fall/winter 11/12 collections...but the one who knows about our desires and needs is Stella McCartney. Delicate fabrics, perfect fit and silhouettes driving men crazy - this is what she stands for. The best thing about it though is that she loves and respects animals and the nature. She also stands for ethical awareness not using fur or leather, taking care of  the environment.
There is just one thing left to say: Chapeau Miss McCartney!

Montag, 28. März 2011

Sweets of the week

Tips for a weekend in Hamburg

Schanzenstraße 97 // 20367 Hamburg

Urban Outfitters
Gänsemarkt 45 // 20354 Hamburg

Purple Pink
Weidenallee 21 // 20357 Hamburg

Susannestraße 13 // 20357 Hamburg

Elternhaus Mägde und Knechte
Feldstraße 44 // 20357 Hamburg

Breakfast at Berliner Betrüger 
Dinner at Jimmy Elsass....mmmhhhh

Some more impressions..

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

10 TOP rules to clean your CLOSET by Anna Dello Russo

1. Remove all RUBBISH because rubbish generates rubbish! 

2. How to FENG-SHUI teaches you,
you must make new empty ROOM
for revitalize your seasonal wardrobe.
3. Store only the whole OUTFIT. In a future day, would not make sense
to find a simple sweater desperately. 

4. Buy only thin, non-slip
HANGERS in asbestos.
Those big, slippery, old, wooden hangers take up too much space.
5. Organize your closet by ITEMS: coats with coats, dresses with dresses,
pants with pants, skirts with skirts ... so you wouldn't buy the same thing twice!
6. In front of a dress to KILL or to KEEP, ask yourself:
future generations 'll want to see it? 

7. Put the SHOES away from clothes,
in the appropriate boxes with Polaroids.
 The leather's smell doesn't match with the fabric's smell. 

8. Preserve the stretch STOCKINGS
in their packaging. 
There's nothing worse than wearing damaged filanca.

9. Don't SQUEEZE the clothes on each other.
like flowers in the garden  
need their space!

10. Don't use ANTI-MOTH chemicals, 
you don't want to go out
stinking of naphthalene!"

Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Some lovely sketches...

...from one of my best friends. Jasmina who studies arts,  
likes to go to the zoo and watch animals the whole day...
So if you like her to sketch one of your animals (or anything else, 
she is also very good in illustrations)...
just leave a note for her.

Green with envy...

How could I go out without this nailpolish?
Now that I found it the summer has finally begun.
Teamed with my pink leather bow ring I feel like a million dollars!

„Der Mode entkommt man nicht. Denn auch wenn Mode aus der Mode kommt, ist das schon wieder Mode.“

Outfit of the day

Jeans with easy can it be?
Seems like everything is cool as long as you know the rules:
make sure the jeans items differ!

Summer in the city!

Let´s keep it fresh eventhough the temperatures are still low...
Orange matches perfectly with green...the jeans in obligatory...
...the bad haircut isn´t :)

Montag, 21. März 2011

Samstag, 19. März 2011

Our Highlights from the G-Star Fashion Show

We love G-Star Raw. The denim pieces are always a highlight.
They are very simple with lovely details. Also the not denim styles are really cool. 
The chart of colour range from beige to black is mixed very well 
in every simple outfit.

Freitag, 18. März 2011

Wild Thing from Burberry

 Wild and exotic is the Spring/Summer Collection of Burberry.
Fine Python leather, bikerjackets and leather pants make a woman ready to explore the cities.

Let's rock'n'roll!