Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Since I am in need of a new car I was looking everywhere for a stylish vehicle. A vehicle which is going to fulfill all my girlish dreams of form, capacity and of course usefulness. Being a mother I also need to consider things like for example: Is it easy to fix a baby car seat? Is there enough space for a stroller?
Here I found an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. How romantic – Romeo and Juliet. 
I was driving the Giulietta one week. Great feeling waiting on the red light knowing that once in turns green I would be the one leaving the others behind. Further it looked great on me. The color, the interior style, all these little lights and the rims – I really liked it but ... a pity there always is a "but".
The circumferential visibility is not made for women...definitely not. It does not give you the impression that you have the street under control. The backseat is little narrow and consumption of fuel is quite high. The best thing about it though it suits my perfect outfit well. I adore this Victoria Beckham dress teamed with this wonderful Marc Jacobs bag and the Roeckl gloves. On my feet Gucci slippers while I am driving...Fendi pumps when I get out of the car. For my key I just can not make a decision...either the Mulberry banana or Karl´s cat??? However...a stunning appearance...but I think I still have not found the perfect car yet. Stay tuned!

Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

We want to introduce a new label we really like. 
Lili Radu makes wonderful bags, clutches, wallets and laptop cases out of soft leather in perfect color combinations. The wallet we raffle is a mix of a wallet and a clutch. There is space for your smartphone, beauty stuff and credit cards. We wear it in Paris and it was perfect. All in one wallet and it looks really good.
Leave a comment on the blog or on facebook why you should have it.
Last day you can participate is the 20th. October...Good luck and fingers crossed!

More informations about Lili Radu:

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Catch the Levis train - Last Stop Oakland

A few days ago we reported about the Levis train beeing on his way. Now the train has arrived in Oakland the last stop of his journey. This Happening came to a triumphant finale with an ecstatic dance party on the 16th Street Station in West Oakland.

Sounds from Evan Holms underwater turntables and Olaf Breunings smoke performance and the nomadic sculptures by Liz Glynn, Ernesto Neto, Urs Fischer and Kenneth Anger were visited by over 3000 peoples...

At the evening Jehnny Beth, Lead Singer of the Punk Band Savages seemed to leeds Patti Smith, Ian Curtis and Nick Cave with  a driving chorus - "Don't let the fuckers get you down"! Afterwards Dan Deacon took stage with a mind blowing set and he closed the night with the words - "See you in the future" - a phrohecy beeing fullfilled, we hope!!

Here are some more impression of Tobias and Jakob:

- Events-
Jakob: Mein Highlight der Reise war sicher Chicago.
Jakob: Mavis Staples, die Grande Dame des Soul, war irre.
Tobias: ah Mavis Staples… liebe! hatte ich seit über 10 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen… sie war grandios.
Jakob: Wäre ich ein paar Jahrzehnte älter, sie wäre genau mein Typ.
Tobias: Und ich glaube es hat vor allem alle so berührt, weil es eben den Soul zurückbrachte.
Jakob: Iss sexy…. allein der Stimme und des Gehstocks wegen. Ja, auch der Soul. War saugeil.
Tobias: wenn Kunst nur für den Kopf ist, kriegt man Kopfschmerzen. Mavis hat da schon einen in der Magengegend platziert.
Jakob: Aber auch die Black Monks of Mississippi, von denen ich vorher noch nie was gehört hatte, waren brutal stark.
Tobias: …meine Favoriten waren die Menschen, welche irgendwie zwischen den Welten standen: der Auctioneer und der Peitschenmann.
Tobias: also die "Cowboy-Kunst", sozusagen….
Jakob: Der Auctioneer war sehr angenehm. Ein - wie man wohl sagt - waschechter Amerikaner. Ein Cowboy.
Jakob: Schön auch die Geschichte, dass er den Cowboy-Hut tragen darf, weil er es sich verdient hat.
Tobias: der Auctioneer Eli derweilen jr. würde also jeden Rapper von Spandau bis Köpenick an die Wand batteln mit seiner Zungenschnelligkeit. und Chris Camp "the chip guy" könnte auch bei Rammstein anstelle des Schlagzeugers mit seinen zwei Peitschen den Takt angeben…
Jakob: Wie genau er es sich verdient hat, weiß ich nicht mehr. Aber irgendetwas muss man wohl dafür tun, um das zu dürfen. Saustark!

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Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

We Love Desigual // Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

Please click on the photo...

We Love you! the new concept behind Desiguals Autumn/Fall Winter campaign.
Their biggest wish is to enrich peoples lives with the clothes they create and
they wanted the customer to fall in love with what they wear.
The love they give don't know any borders so it should be only real love.
All kinds of people with different styles can wear Desiguals Fashion pieces and we should
all share the battle cry: "la vida es chula", so our lifes are really cool and we 
express to all we do every day: Sex, Fun and Love.

Have a look at their wonderful video for Autumn/Winter campaign 2013.
We love you Desigual...

Thanks for your great, colorful winter styles, so we can looking forward 
to the first snowflakes and a wonderful winter wonderland.

Check out the great online store and grab your winter pieces.

Replay Laserclub // Capsule Collection Laserblast Club

Laserclub is a new project from Replay Jeans and Vice during the Launch of the Capsule Collection "Laserblast Club Collection".
It's a project with the new rising star Charli XCX a british pop princess from east London. Her first album "True Romance" is out and she is also the voice behind "Love It" from Icona.
She is the face for all Laserclub contents, a video teaser, two events and last but not least a tour diary.

18. September: Watch out the video
From 18. September on the video is playing on repeat in all Replay Flagshipstores.

10. Oktober: First Stop Paris @ Le Batacian
Charlie was accompanied after her gig towards the whole city. You can expect an intense Line Up and
a really crazy Show...We can hardly wait to see whats happening there. Get your ticket @ Le Citadium and @ Replay Flagship store.

23. Oktober: Munich
Charli plays with locals and international performers. Put your dancing shoes on and get your ticket @ Replay flagship store munich.

Be anxious to Charlis tour diary and especially about the new Laserblast Club Collection. Clubbing and Denim has never fit so perfect. On the one hand crazy electro vibes and matching lasershows on the other hand minimal green minded Laserblast Jeans. Be excited and be there.

Outfit of the Day
Cap: Süße Dinge // Jacket: Maje  // Top: HUGO BOSS // Skirt: COS // Tights: Falke // Shoes: Nike RosheRun

Accessories – Fashion Week Paris September 2013

UUUUGHHH! That must hurt :(

Freakshow – Fashion Week Paris September 2013

Oh boy! How hard must it be to pick your outfit with just one aim – having folks starring at you. We still like the fact that there are some creatures who are so wild one should put them in a cage.
Let´s just hope she is his daughter!

Oh boy! How hard must it be to pick your outfit with just one aim – having folks starring at you. We still like the fact that there are some creatures who are so wild one should put them in a cage. :)