Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Wonderful designer bags for less than 300 €

Have you always wanted a exceptional designer bag
which is remarkable, beautiful and does not cost 
a fortune??? Here is your chance to find the
perfect bag for you and pay less.

Poupee Couture


Julie K

Dareen Hakim

Dareen Hakim

Dareen Hakim


Poupee Couture

Mie Vintage
Julie K

Have a look at:

Berlin, Berlin

Got all our Show Invitations for
Berlin Fashion Week!

Only five days left...
we are sooo excited!

Balmain Resort Collection 2012 / first pics!!!


New Artistic Director Olivier Rousteing launches first pre-collection for Balmain.
Here are the first photos and a brief impression of the collection´s essence.
Reminds us somehow of Alexander McQueen...

but we still like it! Let´s see what´s up next!

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Alexander Mcqueen Resort Collection

 "Romantic Utility" was the idea behind this 
collection by Sarah Burton for 
Alexander Mcqueen. 

We love every single outfit and 
we trust in Sarah Burton :-)

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Perfect match - mother and daughter

shoes, top and scarf: Zara / belt: Jil Sander / short: Levi´s / bag Balenciaga
get it at: / /

shirt: H&M / short: Elle / hair band: verbaudet /
hair slide: Big Baby Jewellery / shoes: Converse
get it at: / / /

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Belgrade part I - a city of joy...and sin :)

We have been to Belgrade and it was a sea of joy... Nice people, good food, 
amazing plazes (because the city is surrounded by two rivers), nice arts and 
last but not least...great clubs, bars and pubs!
Good thing about Belgrade is, that there are so many
things to discover. Everybody knows about tips for NYC, Paris and
such metropolis but what do know about Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana,
Zagreb or Bukarest??? These cool capitals are just around the corner
and are quite convenient to stay at. Here are some impressions along with
some recommendations for the best plazes we have been to.

We are going to spend some time there again in August and also go to part II is going to follow soon...stay tuned!

The whole city is a mixture of nice old architecture and
post war buildings, which are quite ugly but somehow cool.

The old part of the city centre is full of 
amazing Art Nouveau houses.

The Turkish bath was built during
the Osman invasion and is still 
based in a small house in the centre 
of Belgrade. 

The statue of Knez Mihajlo which 
is called Konj is one of the main
landmarks of the city and a meeting
point for young people.

Knez Mihajlova is the main shopping
streets and full of life, music and fun.

Orthodox popes are such great
appearances and also very liberal.

Gipsys are very common in 
Belgrade and also great music
makers. They touch peoples soul
and earn money by playing on 
fesitvals, weddings and on the streets.

shoes and ambrella which were worn by 
rich people during the turn of the century.

Typical, traditional, and very colourful ethno glass art.

Make sure you get some of the
pop corn which is sold in these
little booths.

Serbian street art is very critical
and sarcastic towards local politicians
and the corrupt government.

Here is where you should go while visiting this wonderful 
and colourful capital of Serbia:

Great food:

Mala Fabrika Ukusa
address: Nebojsina 39a

Kod Dace
address: Patrisa Lubumbe

Male Villa
address: Kej Oslobodjenja bb

Great bars and clubs:

Bar Central
address: Kralja Petra 59

Mr. Stefan Braun
address: Nemanjina

the whole street Strahinjica Bana is full of nice bars
cool people and beautiful girls :)

The two rivers Danube and Save are full of
floating clubs which are filled with Belgrades youth
every day of the week.

This city is worth a visit. Next time you think of going
to Paris, Madrid or NYC...have more for less and go to Belgrade!