Freitag, 29. April 2011

L.A.´s hidden jewels: Odette Annable explores L.A. for Palladium

Los Angeles is a city full of hotspots and great tourist attractions but the 
truly interesting places and hidden jewels of L.A. are often left aside. 
The American actress Odette Annable puts on her Palladium boots and 
explores the city of glamour in order to present us some great sights which 
we should know about. The VBS.TV team accompanies Odette and 
rediscovers for Palladium the mysterious Watts Towers in South Central L.A., 
the Brewery Arts Complex, the roof top of the legendary Rosslyn Hotels with its 
overwhelming view over Downtown L.A. and last but not least a great piece of 
architecture in the hills of Malibu: the unfinished house of Frank Llyoyd, who also 
designed the Guggenheim Museum.

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