Montag, 22. August 2011

Le Snob Books

We discovered this Book a few days ago and loved it.

Marilisa Racco, the author, is a freelance writer for 
Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty. 
We asked her to write a few words for us about her 
Lingerie book.

"Le Snob Lingerie is an international luxury shopping guide for 
lingerie lovers who want to learn more about the construction and 
creation of the world's most exclusive and revered lines. It's the perfect 
pocket guide for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and 
appreciation of luxury lingerie, and a great item to have on hand when 
setting out on a shopping expedition. Whether you're new to lacy intimates 
or a collector of corsets, this book is the key to discovering the creme de la 
creme of the lingerie world."

Have a look at the other Le Snob books
they are as beautiful as this one

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