Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Belgrade part II - city of style and backyards

We have been to Belgrade again...this time we had the opportunity to have
a look at Belgrade´s backyards, young desinger´s work and hidden jewels
which enchanted us. One is for sure...this capital is worth a visit!

Belgrade´s young fashion designers rebuilt one part of 
an almost forgotten mall in the city centre and named it 
great styles for a very convenient price. 
Make sure you have a look at their collections.

What really impressed us were the backyards which 
were like unpolished diamants we had to discover. 

These very old buildings near the Save river were left to fall apart.

This building right here was one of our favourite jewels we found.
Unfortunately the costs for renovation are so high that no investor
could be found yet and therefore this abandoned house will not be
restored in the near future.

This is how it looks inside. Isn´t it wonderful?

In most Balkan citys there are Gypsies who have their own
way of life. They built there houses out of everything they find
on the streets and live in a microcosm of their own. 

Belgrade nights are great...full of life and light.

The metropolis is surrounded by two rivers: Save and Danube. 
Make sure you make a boat-trip.

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