Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Shopping tips for Munich

Munich is a great city with great shops and boutiques. 
Fact is that the most shops which are in the city centre are eather common 
chains or sell expensive stuff like Theresa,  the Miu Miu, Prada and 
Bottega Veneta store etc. Here we found some perfect, nice, little boutiques 
for you which sell extraordinary clothes from local designers for an adequate price.
Have a look and be inspired for your next trip to the Bavarian Metropolis.


Alter Hof 8 // 80331 München
This boutique sells mostly dresses from German designers which
are totaly affordable. It is worth a visit!

Markstrasse 1 . Feilitzschstrasse 3 // 80802 München
One of Munichs pearls. Schwabing is where this shop is based.
If you are looking for something special...this is the place to go!

 Menu 12
Reichenbachstrasse 12 // 80469 München
Bar and boutique at the same time. Extraordinary jewellery and 
accessories are to be found here. Prices are a little higher than 
expected but you should have a look.

Clara Niggl
Rumfordstrasse 8 // 80469 München
Great choice of striped shirts, hats and lunch boxes. 
Looking for a nice gift from Munich??? This is where it is at.

Susanne Bommer
Rumfordstrasse 4 // 80469 München
Haager Strasse 11 // 816 71 München
Are you a girly girl who likes bows, flowers and soft shades?
You have found your shop right here!!!

Marie Morenz
Rumfordstrasse 4 // 80469 München
I was very surprised to find this shop for kids. The desire to buy all these nice,
little clothes which are adorable jus was overwhelming. If you have a kid or
need something nice for family and friends you have to get it here.

We did not mention restaurants and bars because Munich is full of them.
Restaurants offer great Bavarian food and Munich is famous for its bars.
So it is hard to go wrong by picking a place to go.

We wish you a good time in one of Germanys most beautiful cities!!!

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