Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Outfit of the day

Hello, hello! Today we thought it is time to 
poste our outfit of the day. Since we are preparing
for the Berlin Fashion Week we are quite busy and
excited since we are going to attend a few shows,
parties and of course the Bread & Butter.
Be sure that we are going to poste what we are experiencing 
every day so that you can follow us to all the happenings and 
see all the perfectly styled people walking arround in 
beautiful BERLIN. 

See ya there! 
But till then...here are our outfits of the day:

Lea: skirt: COS / shirt: G-Star / belt:G-Star / 
shoes:Vintage / glasses: Ray Ban
Isi: shirt, cardigan: Schumacher / jeans: April 77 / 
shoes: Miu Miu / belt: C´est tout / make up: MAC

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