Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

adidas Originals FW13 Pro Conference Pack

Adidas reissued the Pro Conference in three cool colors.
It reminds me at the late 80s were all of us worn basketball shoes to very large shirts and trousers. This one will be the new basketball shoe for every one of us. The silhouette is much smaller and finer. So it fits perfect to short pants also to skirts and for all retro fans of us we can't choose only one color. The blue one for jeans, the yellow one for a summer look and the red one...we will find something for that. So we indulge in memories and have the feeling of beeing 16 again, only with more style.

You can now win a yellow pair of the adidas Originals Pro Conference on our stay tuned and follow adidas on Instagram ( to be informed about the latest news.


  1. Hello Trudy

    sorry for the late answer...
    Stay tuned for the next few days and we will start our raffle...
    Thank you..
    Isi & Lea