Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

News for Original Girls - Part II

Here are some great news. 
The second round for News for Original Girls with Palina Rojinski is on. Be prepared for the new column "Celebrity Style" with Bonnie Strange shooted by Felix Krüger. Here are the first pics from the amazing shooting at the XBerger Studio Big Shrimp. Seemed that it was a funny day with Palina, Bonnie and Felix. Have a look at
http://oas.ad-vice.biz/RealMedia/ads/adstream_nx.ads/NewsForOriginalGirls.com/@TopLeft?campaign=DE_Adidas_NFOG_Blog_Seeding" border="0" />

Another Highlight is an artwork raffle of "Atelier Conradi"inspired by the "Subway Kidz Shooting" named "Chew Chew". Win this great piece of art by writing a short story till 18.03. on the subject of "Subway Kidz". The best story will be published on News for Original Girls and you will have this great artwork for your own. So grab your pen and start writing. 

We will be very excited which story it will be and what is 2013 going on at News for Original Girls.
And we are sure Palina will make it.  http://bit.ly/wVo9yZ

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