Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Jeremy Scott for Adidas - your chance to rock Paris Fashion Week

This is your ultimate chance to rock the fashion world right there where
its heart beats - the city of love. Win with "news for original girls" and expect 
the unexpected ... your stay in Paris will surely be an event to remember!

Jeremy Scott, who cooperates with Adidas since 2003 is a American designer 
who gives a damn about conventions. He does not respect any borders while
mixing patterns, styles and fabrics. This is what makes this guy´s work
so exciting. His new cooperation with Adidas brought up some really 
coole pieces we would love to have. For sure you will agree.

So here is what is to be done:

To win a trip to Paris during Fashion Week (01. - 03.03)
just poste a comment on your blog or site and mail the link right to   

To win your Jeremy Scott for Adidas piece of love just go to

Jeremy Scott

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