Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

ON AIR with adidas and Palina - NEWS NEWS NEWS

Well finally the news-channel with adidas and Palina is ON AIR. The editor in chief Palina Rojinski will from now on feed your brains with great fashion and lifestyle news. She started her day with a great interview. The Dø-singer Olivia Merilahti is talking to her about this and that and lets Palina take her to a great, underground vintage boutique  called SIR IWAN. Both of them find new pieces to love, talk about stage outfits, good music and life. 
Have a look and enjoy:

Further you must not miss the first fashion shoot of the ne adidas women collection. The clear color palette of  Coco Chanel mixed with typical street-elements and a little bit of asymmetry result in wonderful color-blocking-pieces in black and white in which the ladies form, news for original girls made a night out. 
here you can find all the pics:

If you wanna become part of the new team... here is your chance to shine:

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