Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Pharell Williams visiting the Land Of The Rising Sun for Palladium

Pharrell dives into a vibrant metropolis with countless contrasts, talks to "locals" 
and visits unique places offside tourist tracks. He descends into Tokyo’s impressive 
„Underground Palace“, the subterranean tunnel system which was built to reroute 
water in case of flooding. This system stands for this city´s enormous resisting power. 
Pharrell meets numerous artists who make „do it yourself“ projects and galleries 
to face the catastrophe´s consequences with creativity and love for life. 
The „Tokyo Rising“ - documentation reflects the spirit of the capitals creative scene 
which takes care of its homeland and the people.

„Tokyo´s residents were always an inspiration to me“ says Pharell Williams. 
„The way Japanese handle their everyday life and deal with inevitable facts is amazing. 
It was a pleasure to come to explore Tokyo and meetsome good old friends."

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