Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Hot stuff for our feet

Story: I had a date with a guy ones...and of course I wore high heels...
guess what? He thought I was hot! One week and a snowboard weekend 
later I had a bad knee and thought it would be cool to wear flats on our 
next date. Well...I was wearing some nice Miu Miu ballerinas and I felt 
quite cool in my new mini dress. A few minutes later a girl wearing high 
heels passed by and he said to me: "Look at her! That is what I call hot. 
 Guys hate me!"

Of course I do not have to mention that this was our last date and
that this man was an asshole but I asked some male friends of mine later 
and they prefered high heels I guess the asshole was right after all.

So girls, we love flats and wear them because WE like to wear them but
here is what we should wear if we intent to make the other gender go crazy:
Trust us :)
Diego Dolcini

Sergio Rossi

Diego Dolcini

Sergio Rossi

Diego Dolcini

Rene Caovilla

Pierre Hardy

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  1. I like the last one from Pierre Hardy...they look really sexy!
    But i like flats too :-)...and they are sometimes more comfortabel!